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Apr, 13, 2015

From a team of Business Advisors operating in Steel Industry since more than 30 years, came out SIDERPORTALE.COM, an ambitious and innovative project that gives support to producers and steel companies.
In Italy steel industry, is one of the industrIal mainstay and in Europe its procution represents the second worldwide spin-off.
The action plan launched by the industry and enterprise headquarters, has the purpose to meet the future worldwide demand in Steel industry. It will increase to 2,3 billion tonnels within 2025 thanks to contructions, transportations and mechanical engineering.
The founders knows all the problems that may be encounter in the execution of a contract, starting from the public tender to the project design and the acquisition by the general contractor. Not to mention the final designation, acquisition of raw materials, construction of steel buildings and whatever is in the supply chain.
From this experience came the idea to solve and assist the entire chain of the contract through a Portal where all the key player could be connected each other to obtain any kind of information needed.
The publishing Company “Siderportale” invites all the steel company to refer to the website and contribute to improve the work for all.
The final result should be the answer to all the questions.
Consumers may look for any kind of product placed in the portal and the company that provide it, as well as a company may find the product and supplier who can provide for it.
Suppliers will meet company and customer’s needs.
A unique project, able to simplify in a few and intuitive click the global steel industry.

Siderportale.com will also represent the largest “steel search engine” existing in Italy, thanks to the innovative technology system, capable of accomodate thousands of supplier’s database available to the audience.

Siderportale ecosystem operates in three different fronts, separated but coordinated each other:

– Search of manufactures
– Search of products
– Search of customers looking for products

Siderportale offers following services:

– Business page in the website
– Search engine
– Editorial services

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