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Apr, 23, 2015

Libra industriale Spa was founded in 1942 as a carpentry workshop. Over the years it has experienced and industrial evolution that brought production changes and specialization in different industrial branches. It happens worldwile with grid for industrial constructions.

In 1964 the first plant for production of grid electro forged, was setted up and over the yars was followed by others to cover more and more specific market demands.

Nowadays Libra industriale produces grid in five automated plant.


Since 2006, thanks to the introduction of quality management system (iso 900) and its certification, Libra Industriale has increased his efficiency, consistency and quality offer.

In addition to  ISO 9001 certification, Libra Industrale produces gates following the rules UNI En 13241-1 and regulation 305/2011 “CPR” introduced in July 2013.

Libra in waiting to be certified for UNI EN 1090 by May 2015


KOPRON STEPS ANTI VERTIGO (LIBRA esclusive for safety steps)


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safety step

dedicated to emergency steps for public use. It satisfies the regulations DM 14.01.2008 (NTC), DM 236 of 14.06.1989.

step anti-vertigo

Thanks to the L-shaped profile, Kopron’s steps guarantees 68% of coverage icompared with 18% performed by normal grid steps.

steps anti-heel

Kopron’s grid guarantees perfect walkable area thanks to the short distance of 15mm between the main carrier.

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