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May, 21, 2015

The main Italian exhibition dedicated to the whole steel industry presents ‘Industria e Acciaio 2030’ (Industry and Steel 2030), a prospective study created with the collaboration of its principal players, including Gruppo Manni HP. The holding based in Verona – Italy is among the protagonists of EXPO Milano 2015 thanks to the supply of 8000 tons of steel structures by MANNI SIPRE, and ISOPAN insulating panels, for 20 of the top pavilions.

May 20, 2015. 70 years of history, 12 operating companies, 21 production, service and distribution centers in Italy and abroad, 400 thousand tons/year of processed and distributed steel, 13 million square meters/year of metal insulating panels produced and distributed in Italy and abroad, 1,000 employees, € 500 million annual revenue (2014), 10,000 customers, 60 countries supplied in 4 continents. These numbers make Gruppo Manni HP one of the main players of the European steel industry and of the businesses of re-processed structural steel element, steel components and systems for building, plant engineering and isolating panels production.

From May 20 to 22, 2015 Gruppo Manni HP will showcase at Made in Steel, the main event for the steel industry, which aims to establish a contact point for everything relating to steel in order to let information, ideas, projects and innovation free to circulate throughout the whole steel industry. On this occasion the holding company based in Verona brings to Milan 250 of his best customers from all over the world, and from Italy, including major manufacturers and general contractors involved in Expo 2015 which Manni Sipre has provided with 8,000 tons of steel, forming the backbone of some of the most spectacular pavilions. During Made in Steel – only a few steps away from “L’astronave” made of steel by Manni Sipre, that characterizes the Rho exhibition center – “Industria e Acciaio 2030” will be presented. This publication is the result of a strategic think tank, promoted by Siderweb in partnership with AASTER, that took over one year and involved the key players of the “steel system”, including Gruppo Manni. It outlines the major trends of both the domestic and the European manufacturing sector with the objective of identifying how drivers as innovation, sustainability and distribution will shape the future of the industry.

Those three drivers are almost a “mantra” for the Chairman of the Board of Gruppo Manni, Giuseppe Manni, who is personally promoting a more safe, sustainable, cost and energy efficient building industry among the manufacturers and all the companies involved in the processing and distribution of steel for construction. On Friday, May 22 he’s among the speakers at the round table dedicated to the distribution and the logistics and has been asked to trace the scenario of the steel consumption in the building industry of 2030. «The successful strategy will not be based on the volumes of steel consumption- anticipates Giuseppe Manni – but on the services and the functions related to the use of steel. The last years’ experience allows to realize, through the use of steel, major synergies between those activities which are essential to the construction of buildings that meet safety and sustainability requirements, while reducing emissions and energy consumption». Gruppo Manni celebrate its 70th anniversary with the consolidation of its presence on the international market by opening two new ISOPAN factories in Russia and Mexico.

The first opening is scheduled next July 2015, when two new production lines set in the industrial district of Volžskij (Volgograd) will start to work, respectively, at the production of rockwool and polyurethane insulating panels. Thanks to a production capacity of 3 million square meters per year, the new Isopan plant represents a true excellence in the Russian insulation industry. Later this year, in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, the new Isocindu plant will also start its production of steel insulating panels, to serve all the Central American market with one of the most wide ranges of unique products.

MANNI SIPRE supplied leading general contractors and steel fabricators with steel structures for:

Palazzo Italia, Vino – A taste of Italy (managed by Vinitaly, another excellence brand from Verona), the pavilions of Azerbaijan, Brazil, UAE, USA, Kuwait, Germany, Estonia, Switzerland, Turkey, Belarus, Chile, and the Czech Republic (the first to be completed after just 135 days of work). Moreover, the steel by Manni Sipre supports part of the coverage of the Cardo, the avenue of 350 meters connecting the north and south of the exhibition site, and the Clusters BioMediterraneo, and Cereali e Tuberi, plus the Expo Gate in the city center of Milan.

The Group was in the yard of Expo2015 with another of its flagship brands: ISOPAN insulating panels for roofs and walls, a leading company in Europe. ISOPAN coated the pavilion of the Czech Republic, the permanent Fire Department, OVS Industry, Expo facilities and ticket offices.

MANNI ENERGY takes part into Demo Field, an experimental project set by “Parco Tecnologico Padano (PTP), in the city of Lodi, the first true pole of Italian excellence for farming biotechnologies, under the patronage of Expo 2015. A 12 thousand square meters area will describe the main trends of future sustainable farming for four of the most significant production chains on a global level – rice, corn, soy, sorghum – and five high added value cultures – tomato, apple, strawberry, lupin and hops. The heart of the project is the Solar Pumping System by Manni Energy, a low impact pumping system. Thanks to solar energy it can provide water in remote, semi-desert areas or areas subject to desertification, ensuring a regular water supply even where there are no aqueducts or electricity. The challenge that Manni Energy accepts through the Demo Field project is to promote the farming development and to make the advantages of a sustainable technology available to a wide range of people at accessible prices.


GRUPPO MANNI HP is a historical industrial organisation based Verona which has been operating in the steel industry for 70 years. With Manni Sipre it is a leader in pre-manufactured steel elements and structural components and systems for the building industry, whereas with Isopan it is one of the major manufacturers of metal insulating panels for walls and roofs in the main international markets. Manni Energy designs and manufactures turnkey photovoltaic, wind power and biogas systems. It also offers energy performance analysis, which is the main tool to learn and effectively reduce energy consumption at home or at workplace. The holding company includes 12 operating companies, 21 production, service and distribution centers in Italy and abroad, 1,000 employees, € 500 million annual revenue (2014), 10,000 customers, 60 countries supplied in 4 continents.

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